Crochet Cute Teddy Bear Amigurumi PDF Free Pattern

Designer: Ami Therapy
Instagram: @amitherapy

Hello friends…
One of the free amigurumi crochet patterns we will share today is the amigurumi teddy bear, whose photos and design belong to @amitherapy. It will be a nice gift idea for children or your loved ones. You can change the yarn color of the amigurumi toy as you wish. You can learn how to crochet these bear step by step using the free amigurumi pattern. Thanks to Ami Therapy (Etsy store) for this cute bear pattern.

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• Acrylic/ cotton mixed yarn in light brown, light beige, navy blue, light blue, red and yellow.
• Crochet hook suitable for your yarn.
• Embroidery yarn in brown.
• Security eyes.
• Sewing and tapestry needles.
• Fiber fill.
• Scissors
• Stitch marker.
• Pins.

* I made cute with 1.5 mm crochet hook. His final size is about 18 cm.

Ch- Chain
Slst- Slip stitch
Sc- Single crochet
Inc- Increase
Dec- Decrease
BLO- Back loop only
Rnd- Round
*- repeat
MR- Magic ring


Light brown.
Ch 6. Starting at the second chain from your hook:
Rnd 1. inc, 3sc, 3sc in the last chain, work on the other side, 4sc [12]
Rnd 2. 2inc, 3sc, 3inc, 3sc, inc [18]
Rnd 3. (sc,inc)*2, 3sc, (sc,inc)*3, 4sc, inc [24]
Rnd 4. (sc,inc,sc)*2,3sc, (sc,inc,sc)*3, 4sc, inc, sc [30]
Rnd 5. (3sc,inc)*2, 3sc, (3sc,inc)*3, 6sc, inc [36]

Rnd 6. (2sc,inc,2sc)*2, 3sc, (2sc,inc,2sc)*3, 5sc,inc, 2sc [42]
Rnd 7. (5sc,inc)*2, 3sc, (5sc,inc)*3, 8sc, inc [48]
Rnd 8. 48 sc
Rnd 9. (3sc,inc,3sc)*2, 3sc, (3sc,inc,3sc)*3, 6sc, inc, 3sc [54]
Rnd 10-18. 54 sc (9 rows)
On row 12, use 2 pins to demarcate the position of the eyes. They must be 8 stitches away. Replace the pins with safety eyes. (See pictures).If you’re using larger eyes, you may need more spacing.
Rnd 19. (3sc,dec,3sc)*2, 3sc, (3sc,dec,3sc)*3, 6sc, dec, 3sc [48]
Rnd 20. (5sc,dec)*2, 3sc, (5sc,dec)*3, 8sc, dec [42]

Start inserting fiberfill. Stuff as you go.
Rnd 21. (2sc,dec,2sc)*2, 3sc, (2sc,dec,2sc)*3, 5sc, dec, 2sc [36]
Rnd 22. (3sc,dec)*2, 3sc, (3sc,dec)*3, 6sc, dec [30]
Rnd 23. (sc,dec,sc)*2, 3sc, (sc,dec,sc)*3, 4sc, dec, sc [24]
Rnd 24. (2sc,dec)*6 [18]
Rnd 25. (sc,dec)*6 [12]
Rnd 26. 6 dec [6]

Make sure that it is well stuffed. Cut the yarn and weave the ends.

Light beige.
Ch5. Start at the second chain from your hook:
Rnd 1. inc, 2sc, 3sc in the last chain, make 3sc on the other side [10]
Rnd 2. 2inc, 2sc, 3inc, 2sc, inc [16]
Rnd 3. (sc,inc)*2, 2sc, (sc,inc)*3, 3sc, inc [22]
Rnd 4. 22 sc
Cut the yarn, leaving a long tail for sewing.
Make the details with a brown thread. See the photos.
Sew the snout between rnds 10 and 15, inserting a little stuffing.

Ears (Make 2)
Light brown.
Rnd 1. 6 sc in MR
Rnd 2. 6 inc [12]
Rnd 3. (sc,inc)*6 [18]
Rnd 4-5. 18 sc

Fasten off, leaving enough yarn to sew between rows 2 and 8 on the head.

Legs and Body
Multiple colors.

Leg B (Light brown):
Rnd 1. 8 sc in MR
Rnd 2. 8 inc [16]
Rnd 3. (sc,inc)*8 [24]
Rnd 4. BLO 24 sc
Rnd 5. 12sc, 4dec, 4sc [20]
Rnd 6. 12sc, 2dec, 4sc [18]
Rnd 7. (sc,dec)*6 [12]
Rnd 8-10. 12 sc (3 rows)
Rnd 11. Change to navy blue, then make 12 sl st.
Rnd 12. BLO (sc,inc)*6 [18]
Rnd 13. (sc,inc,sc)*6 [24]
Rnd 14. 24 sc
Insert fiberfill. Cut the yarn then weave the ends.

If necessary, make additional stitches so that row 24 ends where it is indicated by the arrows. There will be the junction of the two legs.

Leg A (Light brown):
Rnd 1. 8 sc in MR
Rnd 2. 8 inc [16]
Rnd 3. (sc,inc)*8 [24]
Rnd 4. BLO 24 sc
Rnd 5. 4sc, 4dec, 12sc [20]
Rnd 6. 4sc, 2dec, 12sc [18]
Rnd 7. (sc,dec)*6 [12]
Rnd 8-10. 12 sc (3 rows)
Change to navy blue yarn.
Rnd 11. 12 slst
Rnd 12. BLO (sc,inc)*6 [18]
Rnd 13. (sc,inc,sc)*6 [24]
Rnd 14. 24 sc
Insert fiberfill. Stuff as you go.

Rnd 15. Insert your hook into leg B so that it is pointing forward. Make 24 sc. Continue on leg A and make another 24 sc, thus making a total of 48 sc.
Rnd 16-21. 48 sc
Change to red yarn.
Rnd 22. 48 sc
Rnd 23. BLO 48 sc
Rnd 24-26. 48 sc (3 rows)
Change to yellow yarn. Don’t need to cut red yarn yet.
Rnd 27-30. 48 sc
Start stuffing firmly and continue to the last row.
Switch to red yarn. Cut the yellow yarn.
Use your imagination and make a nice detail on the yellow stripe.
Rnd 31. 48 sc
Rnd 32. (3sc,dec,3sc)*6 [42]
Rnd 33. (5sc,dec)*6 [36]
Rnd 34. (2sc,dec,2sc)*6 [30]
Rnd 35. (3sc,dec)*6 [24]
Rnd 36. (sc,dec,sc)*6 [18]

Change the yarn, leaving enough to sew the body to the head.
Pants finish:
Go back to rnd 11 and with the navy blue yarn, make 12 sc in each leg.
Blouse finish:
With red yarn, insert your hook into the remaining loops of round 23 and make 48 sc. Fasten off and weave the ends.

The pants part was made in white for a better view of the details.

Arms (Make 2)
Rnd 1. (with light brown yarn) 8 sc in MR
Rnd 2-5. 8 sc (4 rows)
Change to red yarn.
Rnd 6. 8 slst
Rnd 7. BLO (3sc,inc)*2 [10]
Rnd 8-18. 10 sc (11 rows)
Put just a little bit of stuffing up to the middle of the arm. Cut the yarn and leave enough to sew to the body.
Sew the arms to the sides of the body in row 35.

Light blue.
Ch 121, Starting in the second ch from the hook make 120 sc. Cut the yarn and weave the ends.

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